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Restrict answers to specific values

Question asked by j.biendaraconterra-de-esridist Employee on Aug 20, 2018
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I am facing two requirements I don't get a grip on. The customer wants to restrict the answers to a question to very specific constraints and formats:


  1. We need an (editable, integer) spinner that runs from 0 to 359 (circular angles). Spinning up from 359 starts with 0 again. Spinning down from 0 runs backwards beginning with 359.
  2. We want the values for a decimal question to be negative at all times (values between 0.00 and -100.00 with two decimal places). The user shouldn't bother if she/he enters a positive or a negative value. Thus, positive entries should be converted to negative values on the fly.


Any idea how to accomplish these two requirements? If they cannot be fulfilled now, I would like to propose them as enhancements.


Thank you, best regards,