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How do I get my query widget unique values back?

Question asked by anewber4 on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by awells

At some point in the recent past, the query widget in WAB was updated, and it's now causing my unique values to be replaced by a "search more" link. I do not want that functionality, as it is just another thing my users have to click to be able to get the right value. It also makes it appear as if the unique value they've typed in is not in the database, even though you can find it if you click the "search more" link, but my users are used to doing it the way it used to be and don't even know they need to click anything to get more results. It's like the query widget is only populating the first bit of unique values and then grouping all of the rest of them under this "search more" link. I realize that this is probably for performance reasons, but how do I get my unique values back?  I need them!