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Unable to Change Style for OGC WFS Layer on ArcGIS Online

Question asked by dzahsh on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by krank42

According to the documentation, Change Style reference—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS , it seems that it should be possible to use Change Style in the ArcGIS Online map viewer to change the symbology of an externally hosted OGC WFS layer according to the layer's attribute values, but when I attempt to do this I am unable to change styles in this way. I am only able to change styles for all points at once ("Showing Location Only").


My process is:


From the My Content tab on ArcGIS Online, I select Add Item > From the Web, then,

   Type: WFS (OGC)

   URL: (which is a set of sample WFS layers hosted at

   Title: Medford Schools

   Tags: test

   Layer: Medford, OR - Schools


Then, from the map's item page, I select Open in Map Viewer


In Map Viewer, I select Content and then I select the Change Style icon under the Medford Schools layer.

At this point, the Change Style menu is "Showing Location Only;"  I am only give the ability to change the symbology for all the points at once. I am not given the option to "Choose an attribute to show" such as is possible when I create a hosted feature layer.  The Medford Schools WFS layer has numerous type and numeric attribute fields that should be easily accessible to the Change Styles tool.


Is its actually possible to have full access to the Change Style tool with an externally hosted OGC WFS layer? If so, how? Or is this not supported yet?