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Cannot Enable GeoDatabase in ArcCatalog 10.6

Question asked by on Jul 30, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by sivarajaperumalactgov

I have tried to enable the GeoDatabase from a blank database that was created using SQL Server Management Studio v17.8.1. The username is a SQL Database user and this user has been assigned the role of db_owner within SQL Server. The immediate error I am receiving on the screen is as follows:


Executing: EnableEnterpriseGeodatabase "Database Connections\SQLGISTESTDB2-ebecsadmin.sde" "C:\Program Files (x86)\ESRI\License10.6\sysgen\keycodes"
Start Time: Fri Jul 27 17:04:32 2018
Validated authorization file.
User has required privileges for geodatabase setup.
XML support is enabled for the database instance.
Successfully enabled database option ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION and READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT.
Unable to start shared memory.Unable to start up shared memory. Error: -51
If giomgr is up and running, shutdown and try again.


See the setup log in the following location for additional error information:
Could not create geodatabase tables and stored procedures.
Failed to execute (EnableEnterpriseGeodatabase).
Failed at Fri Jul 27 17:05:13 2018 (Elapsed Time: 41.19 seconds)


Can you please advise?


Best regards,
Paddy Tallon