SDE Spatial Views and Spatial Indexes

Discussion created by aziegler on Jan 15, 2013
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Hello all,

I have a question in regards to Spatial Views. I am trying to minimize redundancy in my parcel dataset by using spatial views. I have different tabular sets that I join to the managed parcel geometries so that I don't need to re-process feature classes constantly to get updated geometries. This has been successful to this point in ArcMap and consumed in a MXD based map service.

I recently tried to use the spatial view in a msd based map service and received a High Warning that my layer did not have a spatial index. I found this odd at first, because the feature class that is the source of the geometry does have a spatial index, so why isn't that used in the spatial view? I tried to create a spatial index on the spatial view and that isn't allowed (which I expected).

I guess I'm just looking for confirmation that the best way to use my RDBMS is to redundantly store geometry.....which would sort of laugh in the face of having a RDBMS. I mean SDE feature classes are essentially views anyway.

Adam Z