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FeatureTable Alternate for v4.7

Question asked by bhumin.bhandari on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by bhumin.bhandari

i will take a look similar example in version 4.7


Query features from a FeatureLayerView - 4.7 


but it's not working getting error in google chrome browser as well as safari browser getting warning : 

Crome error : query failed:  h {name: "", message: "Invalid query", details: undefined}


Safari error : [esri.core.workers] – "This browser doesn't support ArrayBuffer transfer."


error in details:

Error in details



what exact i'm trying to :

in 3 ver. work but v4.7 it's not 


v3 working example


!important:  i can use this example in ionic 3 is this possible and work?