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Workflow for gdb replication

Question asked by boyle.matt on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by ScottEvans_CCG

This is my first go around with gdb replication and am looking to create a 1-way replica from a sde gdb to either another sde gdb or a file gdb.  I was hoping to get an idea of the best practices and workflows for keeping the two gdbs in sync?


My assumption is you start with the Create Replica tool in order to replica data from parent to child, is that right?


After that is done, I have a few questions about workflow and best practices...


1) How do you add a feature class to the child gdb after the replication process is in effect?

2) If a feature class is deleted from the parent gdb, how do you delete the feature class in the child? you simply delete it through ArcCatalog?

3) If a field is added or removed in a feature class within the parent gdb, how do you send that change to the child gdb?...can it be automated or is it manual?

4) If a domain is added / altered / removed, how do you send those changes to the child?...can it be automated or is it manual?

5) What is a good 'routing' for syncing changes?  Do you first reconcile and post edits in the parent gdb, then sync changes?  Should some processes, like comparing schema be done first before syncing changes?


I'm looking to get an idea of what workflows others use that have been successful, easy to manage, and keeps your data in sync.