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SnapManager not drawing point at the snap

Question asked by minnag on May 14, 2018
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SnapManager fails to complete snap in Javascript


I am having a problem similar to the one Tyler described but the previous post did not solve my problem. I have a custom widget with a click event that uses the snapping manager to guide the user to place a point along a road. The road is in a feature service and I am using the draw toolbar to create the point. Snapping at first seems to be working great to the point of creating the little blue X that is constrained to follow the road, however, when the user actually clicks the point will be created at the actual click point and not where the blue X is showing.


How can I make the snapped point graphic actually be created on the line where the blue X seems to indicate it will be?

Right now I am adding the featurelayer to the map every time the user clicks, which is not practical in the long run, but I am just trying to get it to work.


Thank you for any help in solving this problem.


myfunction: function (evt) {

var parcelsLayer = new FeatureLayer(
mode: FeatureLayer.MODE_ONDEMAND,
outFields: ["*"]

var snapManager ={
tolerance: 20,
alwaysSnap: true

var layerInfos = [{
layer: parcelsLayer


var tb;
tb = new Draw(;

var line = new SimpleLineSymbol();
line.setColor(new Color([168, 0, 0, 1]));
var marker = new SimpleMarkerSymbol();

var graphic = new Graphic(evt.mapPoint, marker);;