Unable to create JTX Database connection (JTX 3.0.1)

Discussion created by ufeliciano on Jun 11, 2013
I recreated our production database in a temporary computer for testing purposes prior to apply some changes live and in preparations to finally upgrade the database to the latest version.  The specifications of both environments are below:

ArcSDE 9.2 SP6

Windows XP Professional  SP3
ArcSDE 9.2

To recreate the database I did the following steps:

1. Export a full dump file from the production database.
2. Import the dump file as required to recreate the desired schemas.
3. Installed ArcSDE 9.2 SP6 and configured the service using port 6161.

No major problems;  I managed to connect and used the test gdb.  We have JTX 3.0.1 in our site???this is where I have problems.  I???m not able to create the JTX database connection in ArcCatalog.  Below more details:

1.  First window of the ???Add JTX Database Connection Wizard??? dialog.  After inserting all required information corresponding to the test environment, the connection tested OK.

2.  Second window???  PROBLEM HERE!!!!  Connection test failed!  Completely confused by this behaviour because if I change the login information for the jtx user of the production environment, the connection tests OK???

3.  If I finish the wizard, no matter which login is used in the second window (jtx user for test, which test failed, or jtx user for production, which test passed), I received an error and the connection cannot be created.

I also tried running the JTX post installation wizard with the ???Skip import of JTX System Tables??? option, but no success.  Is like for some reason there is somewhere in JTX files that keep looking for the production database, regardless of even not having any connection in ArcGIS to it.  I really need to solve this issue in order to run my tests, which are required to upgrade our database to the latest version.

Any help is appreciated...