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ArcGIS Online Mobile Homepage showing too many public items

Question asked by on Apr 27, 2018
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Currently when you go to the mobile home page for our organization all of the public items are being shown.  This includes images, feature layers, maps and apps.  The mobile site is currently showing 47 items by default.


This differ's greatly from the desktop home page which only show 8 web applications that we have made public.


I don't see any ArcGIS Online options to force the mobile home page to show the same items that are shown on the desktop home page.  We would like these two sites to match and it is confusing to our users when they go to the mobile site.


These two sites need to reflect the same information because they use the same URL to access them.  This difference has caused confusion and resulted in user's not wanting to use the mobile home page.

Is there a setting I am missing that will allow for only the featured public web applications to be shown on the mobile homepage?