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What does "Editing Scene Layer" imply?

Question asked by valraa on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by valraa

Sometimes I check the ArcGIS Pro Roadmap  for the upcoming features, to see if there's something that can be of interest.

In the Febraury 2018 update, I see "Scene Layer Editing" under the Near-term implementation.

I am curious about how this will change my usual worflows when dealing with 3d data and publication on the ArcGIS Online portal.

Usually, in ArcGIS Pro I prepare a scene with some multipatches and once ready I publish it to my portal through the "Share -> Web Scene" functionality.

The things I see in "my content" section of my portal when doing this are:

  • one Feature Layer for each multipatch
  • one Scene Layer with the same name of the Feature Layer for each multipatch
  • one Web Scene with each of the above Scene Layers inside

Now, if I have to update my layers, I would need to make my edits in Pro on the original multipatches and then run the "Share -> Web Scene" again.

I am wondering if this new "Scene Layer Editing" functionality would permit a direct access to the Scene Layers hosted in my portal in order to add and edit those in ArcGIS Pro without the need to work on the multipatches and make the process of sharing from scratch all the time to update my web scene.

Will this be like so?