ArcGIS Online for final project in Intro to GIS: Best Practices

Discussion created by georgiana.bostean on Apr 10, 2018
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Would those with experience using ArcGIS Online in Intro to GIS courses for final projects be willing to share tips?


I'd like to have groups of 3-4 students work on their final project maps separately, and have each group create one Story Map presentation that compiles their work on a related topic. 


The impediments I foresee are: 

1. Giving students adequate permissions. We have an institutional site license but it has been a challenge getting permissions so I have never added students to our organizational account. I'd like to be able to save the work after their public account expires. Second, I'd like them to be able to conduct some basic analyses in ArcGIS Online but doubt my organization (we have a site license) will give them permissions to use credits. How have others done this?


2. Creating a shared Story Map. I saw this post about Collaborating in ArcGIS Online: Fun with GIS 227: Collaboration in ArcGIS Online 

It appears that the only way to do this is to have each group member create their own ArcGIS Online maps, share them (publicly or with the group if I set up a group within our organization), and then only ONE person creates the Story Map on their account. Is this accurate?


Thanks for any best practices or advice you can provide!