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Error 999998: Unexpected Error in most 10.6 Spatial Analyst tools

Question asked by grant.zimmerman1 on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by curtvprice

I cannot for the life of me figure this out.  I keep getting Error 999998: Unexpected Error when I use tools such as any Map Algebra or Zonal Statistics.  I can get a few to work (Zonal Statistics with the Maximum Statistic) but the values it produces seem completely wonky.  I did everything that this post listed the author had done, as well as a clean install (including clearing registry keys) and still I keep getting 999998 in 10.6.  I have also made sure cell sizes were identical, tried with different rasters and feature classes.


I was able to get the tools working by reverting to 10.5.1 and then installing this patch, however when I upgraded back to 10.6, I was again faced with the same problems.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the problem may be that the problem fixed by the patch was not in fact fixed in 10.6 as evidenced by the fact that the bug numbers are not included in the 10.6 Issued Addressed List.  If this is the case (I could easily be wrong about this, if a bug is fixed with an optional patch, it may be included in the next update but not listed), I can't fix it in 10.6 because I can't apply a 10.5.1 patch to 10.6.


Anyways, I'm about at my wits end.  Has anyone else had problems running Map Algebra tools and Zonal Statistics in 10.6?  Or perhaps have another thing I might try that I or the referenced post haven't mentioned?  Perhaps ESRI would like to let me know if the bug that was patched in 10.5.1 was in fact fixed in 10.6?


Any help would be appreciated.  As a side note, I would have gone to ESRI for help, but I have a student EVA license which means I'm just supposed to go to my professor for help.  As you can imagine, my professor is not an ESRI tech.  So thus the only recourse I have is to post the issue and hope some brilliant and helpful soul has a solution.  We're also, for unknown reasons, not allowed to license Pro, which from what I hear is becoming much better than Desktop.  ESRI, you would do well to remember that students like me aren't petulant children, we're the next generation.