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Exporting AGOL data to FGDB deletes domain descriptions and subtypes

Question asked by knotweed99 on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by bfausel

We are trying to export data collected in Collector from AGOL to a FGDB, but have run into a couple issues. Our domain descriptions are deleted and subtypes are as well (the domains associated with them are no longer in the exported FGDB). In the provided screen shots, the species attribute is a subtype of species group.


We have tried editting the data in Arcmap without exporting, but the problem persists and the subtype data fields are seemingly random numbers that don't even correspond to the codes for those entries.


The data looks perfect in AGOL, but we want to run some geoprocessing tools and spatial joins on the data and have been thrwarted by this error. We are running 10.2.1 if that helps.