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Multi-stop routing analysis

Question asked by bcoveney on Mar 7, 2018

Hey all,


I'm having trouble working out how to handle the routing analysis for a multi-stop route. The scenario I'm dealing with is calculating the total distance traveled while responding to a service request for a tow truck. I need to be able to calculate the routing distance from a starting point (which is always the same for each request) to the scene of the breakdown, and then calculate the routing distance from the breakdown to the final destination. I would like to run this calculation on a year's worth of data.


The first half of this problem can be easily solved using the closest facility tool in ArcGIS Pro, but I have struggled to handle the second half. The data I'm working with has the 'from location' (the scene of the breakdown) and the 'to location' (the destination) stored under a common identifier. I think that it should be possible to use the common identifier to guide a route calculation between points that share the ID, but I haven't been able to come up with anything yet.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!