Microsoft Geography Storage perf

Discussion created by addax.philippe.chessel on Feb 6, 2018
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I am currently starting a project of migration of an ESRO Oracle geodatabase environment into an SQL Server 2017 -> then SQL Azure geodatabases.


There is choice and option to make regarding the spatial storage type. With Oracle with were always using the ST_Geometry storage , works fine , perf ok.


Now with SQL Server and especially pushing later to Azure Cloud SQL geodatabase we have the option between "Microsoft Geography" and "Microsoft Geometry"  storage.


The Microsoft Geography format is attractive as we are dealing with multi countries, corporate data sets , so we are anyway always storing the spatial data in Lat,Lon geographic coordinates (WGS 84). And then it allows T-SQL access of the spatial data.


BUT I have noticed that on big layers with huge high resolution polygons with lots of points the display performance via ArcGIS desktop 10.6 can be 2 times slower with the "Microsoft Geography" storage type !


Question: Is this normal ? and is this a well know and documented behaviour ?