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Divide irregular polygon into equal areas by angle

Question asked by knkeeley on Jan 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2020 by stolstov-esristaff

I have an irregular polygon feature that I need to split into x number of equal area features. I need to be able to have the divisions be something other than north/south or east/west.



The black polygon in this case needs to be divided into 3 equal area polygons. I manually split these, but I need it to be more precise and the splits need to be aligned in parallel to each other. They need to be able to be calculated with an angle/rotation specification, and not just north/south or east/west.

Irregular polygon of equal areas


What I have tried:


It really blows my mind that this isn't a tool that exists/is readily available.


Any advice/suggestions is welcomed. Or, if you really want to be a super hero, edit the code so I can specify an angle for rotation. Thank you very much!