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Issue getting ArcGIS Collector GPS metadata to come through to Feature Service

Question asked by IowaHSEMD on Dec 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by IowaHSEMD

I followed the procedures here to run the python script and add the GNSS Metadata Fields to my feature class. After adding the fields I used ArcGIS Desktop to publish the Feature Layer to AGOL. I'm using the integrated receiver on my iOS device and get an accuracy reading of 16.4ft. When I view the new submissions in AGOL all ESRIGNSS fields are null. Relevant Collector settings: GPS Averaging (5 locations), 1 second streaming interval, 30 ft required accuracy, reporting 95% confidence and default location profile, iOS v 17.0.4. What might I be missing in order to get these fields to populate on submission of a new point?