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ManageMapServerCacheTiles_server takes space on C: drive on the server

Question asked by kipokipo on Dec 14, 2017

I usually do the image tile cashing from MXD on the server. This time I copied the python snippet from geoprocessing result and switched to another service, because I figured this way I wouldn't need to open up the MXD.

The issue of doing this is it fills up the C drive quickly and soon the space ran out. I tried all possible directories to see where the cached tiles (probably temporary files? ) were saved and got no luck with it.

I also searched through GeoNet posts and found few discussions and they are not exactly the same as what I have. For example this link guided me to the location in a temporary directory but I found nothing there.

Could anyone tell me what was my issue here and where possibly the temporary files are located?

Thanks a lot in advance!