Response time for fire truck mapping

Discussion created by GeorgeJones92 on Dec 7, 2017
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i'm trying to create new routes for fire trucks in the city i work in. the three fire stations cover the right, center, and left parts of the city. The reason for the  need to change is that the middle station has been quickest on the scene than the far right station in some instances and the fire chief wants a more updated map. In one document I currently have a sparse amount of data (16 cases) ,  response times (time elapsed from take off to arrival of fire truck to house), the current map of the existing areas responsible for each of 3 stations, and the location of the fires(16),. In the other document i have more of a detailed event elapsed time , where the fire occurred, and what station covered it but this document only has four-five detailed cases for each of the three stations. questions i have are: 

1) What would i use in ArcMap to map it out given the said variables listed? 

2) what other data do i still need to come up with an effective change? Is this even possible to make a significant change to the current map? 


thanks George