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Unversioned Database Editing & Issues

Question asked by ablough_cegis on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by RuchiraW_Caledon

I started with a new GIS team that just recently changed the geodatabase from versioned to unversioned (non versioned) to accommodate the massive number of users.


This has created issues with my GIS team locally that are making edits to the data. The main issue is there is no Undo or availability to go back when you accidently move or delete something. The only way to go back is to not save the edit session or in the case you saved the edit session you must use an archive.


Is it possible for my team to make edits to the unversioned geodatabase with the ability to undo mistakes or changes while still editing the same main data on the unversioned database? Does anyone have any tips or things that would help us as we start using a non versioned database?


Any knowledge, tips, tricks, personal experiences on using nonversioned, ANYTHING would help me wrap my mind around using this database and how I can help my team transition to unversioned.