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Editing Features: "Save" and "Discard" not available for Field Calculator

Question asked by ckohlerpeoria on Aug 10, 2017
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Why can't the same method of saving/editing single feature attributes be applied to the output of a field calculation?


I have created a new "Ideas" post concerning this topic. If you feel this would improve your own workflows please up-vote the Idea:  FIELD CALCULATOR : Discard/Revert option 



Editing feature attributes using arcgis pro, but under the "Edit" ribbon the save and discard buttons continue to remain grey and unselectable during my edit sessions using field calculator.


To clarify, when I make an edit to a features attributes I expect the save and discard options to become available after I finished changing the attributes and select the next features I would like to edit. Normally, if I manually click the attribute and input my value, both save and discard options are available, and they work great.


However, my project involves a massive amount of features(over 6,000) so a method of single-feature edits is not efficient.


Therefore I will be using field calculator for this project.

Earlier today, accidentally calculated field with "show all records" selected instead of "show only selected". All features' attributes were changed. Requiring me to go back through all features. 


Alternatives involve creating clones, re-organizing the copied values, etc. 




- Chris Kohler