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Vector Tiles: Printing map results in World Streetmap Raster

Question asked by davidchrest on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by hua17

In the 3.15 API for the VectorTileLayer Class, there is this important Known Limitation in the list:


  • If printing a map containing a VectorTileLayer that uses the World Basemap service and the layer is not a basemap reference layer, then the print task will use the World Street Map raster tiles in the printout; otherwise, the VectorTileLayer will not be included in the layout.


So what exactly does this mean? A couple weeks ago I quickly discovered when printing (Print dijit - to PDF) my map containing a Vector Tile Layer (Esri's nice World Navigation in this case), the World Street Map rater appeared in the PDF output rather that the Vector Tile Layer. So does the above limitation essentially mean whenever using Vector Tiles our printouts will default to the World Street Map raster? Are there plans to have Vector Tile Layers included in the printed map layout?


Also, I tested this with using a Mapbox Vector Tile Layer and the printout had no map at all, the layout was pure white and empty. Which I'm thinking is because this Vector Tile does not use Esri's World Bamap service, correct?


Any help to better explain this situation is greatly appreciated.