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Collector off-line syncing

Question asked by garlandr_Stirling on Jul 6, 2017
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I've been having an off-line syncing problem with Collector for a few months and I can't figure out the problem!


I have a contractor who periodically inspects 90 of my assets every 2 weeks using Collector.  This has been set up using a related table - allowing me to build up an inspection history etc!  The area they cover is relatively large and has limited mobile network coverage, so the project has been replicated 4 times to allow him to download higher quality background maps - all of which work from the same layers.


Using this technique, a large number of the inspections are saved on the device untilll synced.  The majority of records will come through to the cloud and I can view on arcGIS online.  However, there is always a problem with syncing (see photographs below) where not all records come through.  I get the following error message:


sync replica internal error - {C91A286E-7766-46E3-A174-F06B24851F19}


Does anyone have any suggestions?  The records do come through eventually, however the red numbers on the sync button stay.