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Create Layer from Selected Features in Pro

Question asked by pkt1213 on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2017 by ARajendran-esristaff

Why is Pro lacking this?  If data schema is set up to not allow easy querying of data, how else am I supposed to limit what is displayed in the layout.  I used this function all the time in ArcMap.


Generally, I am continually disappointed in the layout and generally how difficult ArcPro is when creating layouts and finished mapping products.  It seems that I spend a few hours getting things set up in Pro only to be let down by it missing something that I need or options are not readily available.  Options are divided in to options in the ribbon and in a panel.  I spend a lot of time digging through both to try to figure out where the options are the I am needing to adjust.


In the end I wind up going back to ArcMap just because Pro is lacking or takes too long to use.