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Updating Tags (or Other Content) Without Creating Activity in Streams

Question asked by bixb0012 Champion on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by bixb0012

Since Timothy has moved on from GeoNet (Update on GeoNet Community Team: Timothy's Farewell ), I guess this question is primary directed at Christopher Catania until the new Community Manager is on board.


I recently went through some old blog posts and updated some tags.  It appears updating the blog posts, even just updating a tag, generates activity in "Recent Content" on the GeoNet home page as well as streams people have defined that include me or some tags I have already used.  Basically, it feels like I just spammed some GeoNet users without want to do so.


Is there a way to update a tag (or other content) with a blog post or other type of content that doesn't generate "activity"?  I just hate the idea of doing some house cleaning on my blog and spamming folks on GeoNet.