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Parcel Drafter questions

Question asked by agebhart_johnsoncounty on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by PWiles@McElhanney.com_McElhanney

Can anybody help me with these questions?  I am trying to setup a WAB Developer 2.4 app with the Parcel Drafter and have hit a few snags or just need clarification on some things.


1) Where are the traverses saved and in what file type?  Same location as my data?  Can I set things up so the user can save the traverses to their device?


2) Is there a way to delete the lines or polygons without using the Edit widget?  I either can't do it at all or there isn't consistency with it.


3) Can I change the configuration so that boundary lines are first active, then change the default settings such as quadrant bearing in place of north or south azimuth?  Maybe in the widget_config.json?


4) Is there a way to change the distance and length unit to just feet instead of survey feet?


5) I have tested some simple square or rectangle traverses that should have a closure error of zero, but I tend to get at least a 1.5' closure error.  My feature service was published in the same projection (Iowa State Plane South) as all of our other services, and the parcels, lines and relationship are in SDE.  Could it be related to question #4?


6) The rotation isn't working.  We use custom basemaps - could it be related to Chelsea Rozek's comment here?