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Crowdsource StoryMaps, are they still working?

Question asked by cespinosa0 on May 7, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by cespinosa0

Is the CrowdSource StoryMap still working? I'm required to make one for a school project and have seen multiple posts about them not accepting any more contributions. Is this true?


Does that mean the beta phase is over and the real version is coming out? If so what is the ETA? I need to know so I can tell my professor and submit an alternative storymap as my final project.


Thanks in advance, and I am a total newbie, so going into the feature service (as a I saw for one of the responses) means nada to me as i barely learned that 2 classes ago. 




P.S. It would be lovely if we could an an intro panel, format the title and subtitle, modify the submissions without needing to code, be able to submit youtube or vimeo links, maybe do more than one photo (3 max?) and that when someone submits a photo that doesn't meet the requirements, instead of getting "Use a different photo" it says " Picture must be a jpeg and measure at least 700 pixels by 700 pixels, and no more than 400 KB"