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File geodatabase is getting fat extremely

Question asked by ahmadabusaleh on Feb 8, 2017
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File geodatabase are getting fat extremely.

I have a FGD with a name “U.gdb”, I have noticed that this DB has a size of 10 G.B, despite the fact that my data is not that big in size, so I decided to copy the F.C’s inside the U.gdb to a newly created geodatabase with a name “U2.gdb” the size of the newly created db decreased immediately to 148 MB.

The same data  are in both GDBs while the size is extremely different. Compact and Compress File Geodatabase Data fails to reduce the size of the geodatabase.





The source of this issue might be because I have an enterprise geodatabase (U.mdf) and regularly I used to delete all F.Cs from U.gdb and copy the mdf F.Cs  to U.gdb in order to update my data.


What should I do to maintain the same gdb size and avoid the over growing size if the GDB.