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Help with several Shortlist issues

Question asked by jdkitzmi on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by fblanchard_morris_nj_us

I have been using the Shortlist Story Map and have encountered a few issues which may be bugs.


1) I have one point that shows up on the map but will not show up in the list unless I switch to another tab first. Once I return to that tab, the point shows up in the list. It only seems to be affecting one point and I can't figure out why.


2) I have a set of points and am trying to input some text into the information box. I have an image and a link and am putting the text under the link. In just one of the tabs, after I put in the text and save the application, if I view the application, the text is not showing up. The image and link work fine. A few points keep the text, but the majority seem to keep losing it. Its only in this one tab.


3) At times, I have been essentially locked out from setting points. I will type in an address and when I click "Use this location" nothing happens. Sometimes if I close out of my browser and go back in, it will work again, but not always. Its happened two or three different times.


4) I have also encountered where the application will decide to stack all of my points on one location, despite me setting different locations. This has happened twice. I have to set the locations of all of those points again.


I really like the Shortlist application and am hoping that maybe these things are just some bugs that will be solved in the next update. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.