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Merge features

Question asked by CCweedcontrol on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by LukeW

I need help getting the merge to work on this script. I currently do not get an error but features don't merge.

I need the features of wp1 Mile and wp2 Mile to merge into one feature but merge based on the Buff_DIST feild, the attributes with "1" will be one and the ones with "2" will be another.


I think the reason why i get 12 features in the mile1_2 is because there is multiple parcels in the SP


the code i am working with. Should i be using a Dissolve and if so how we i use the dissolve with my current code?


distances = ["1 Mile", "2 Mile"]
for distance in distances:
    outfile = "wp%s" % distance 
    arcpy.Buffer_analysis(SP, outfile, distance, "FULL", "ROUND", "", "BUFF_DIST")

out = arcpy.env.workspace
lyr = ["wp1 Mile", "wp2 Mile"]
#shplist =  arcpy.ListFeatureClasses(lyr, "Polygon")

arcpy.Merge_management(lyr, os.path.join(out, "mile1_2"))