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Printing Popup Contents

Question asked by mkurkcuoglu on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2019 by mkurkcuoglu

I have a Web Mapping Application with a standard Print Widget. I would like to include the contents of the popup window in the printout.


Here is an example:

GIS Portal for the City of Abilene, TX


Standard printout:

Standard printout


Popup window:

Popup window



Desired printout:

Desired printout



My research so far:

There is a BLOG POST by esri explaining how to do this. This post shows 2 methods. The first method is not suitable for my purposes cause it requires manual data entries for each printout. The second method seems incomplete, Format & Layout_Template parameters are missing. Print does not work even if I add those parameters manually before publishing the service. If the second method worked properly, I would have modified it to match my needs, unfortunately it doesn't.

dojoOn(map.infoWindow, "selection-change", function(){ //build custom text here }

My knowledge on JavaScript is limited, so I couldn't manage what he explained here. Where am I supposed to add this and what should I include in the function?

We have the print button generating an html page that pulls data from the database and formats it in pretty much an exact replica of the .mxd we were using. For the map it uses a function on the rest endpoint to generate an image from the map service.

This seems even more complicated than the others.



Either one the above solutions works for me.

  1. add popup contents at the bottom of the print layout
  2. make use of "selection-change" event
  3. generate a new html page
  4. any other suggestion


TL;DR I want to include popup window or it's contents in the printout.


Thanks in advance.