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Attribute Assistant:  Validate Attribute Look Up

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Sep 30, 2016

In another thread (Attribute Assistant: Check for Multiple Allowable Values ) things got really ugly for me  as I started getting unexplained errors and the whole thing tanked.  Turns out it was operator error for those, so rather than continue the discussion there, let's start fresh:


I was hoping to use a look up table to validate one field based on another:  When Field1 = A, Field2  must = C .  It may also be that When Feild1 = A, Feild2 CAN equal C,D, or E.  The case where a given City may have several valid Zip Codes is an example; even simpler is the case for a given city there can only be one ESN (emergency services number) and if the editor enters a mis-match, an error is tossed.


The earlier discussion suggests that the Validate Attribute Look Up is the method for that.  I've tried and had a colleague try it as well, and neither of us can get it to behave as such. After reading and re-reading the online documentation, it appears to both of us that this method isn't designed to do what I want.  It merely looks at a table of valid entries and sometimes will provide a pick list to choose from.  I say sometimes, because there are times when an invalid entry is tried, all you get back is a pop up with something to the effect of "Unable to add record".  That's pretty harsh if you've entered a bunch of attributes and fat finger the last one just to lose the whole entry.


Long story short, it seems that I'm asking too much from the Attribute Assistant, and now I'm wondering if there is a method to use to check matched attribute values.  Nested iif's might work, but as indicated in this post, IIF function in Dynamic Value table  it's easy to lose track of your parentheses.


Michael Miller