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arcpy.PackageMap_Management Version Issue

Question asked by azatrain on Aug 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by geocom_bom

I have written some Python code to create a map package that we are using inside of an ArcGIS Runtime application.  We are running this script against ArcGIS version 10.3, but I need a map package for version 10.1.  Even though I am only specifying 10.1 for the version parameter I get a map package that contains both v101 and v103 directories which means the map package is twice the size it needs to be.  This is not good for mobile applications that need to download that data over wireless networks.  We obviously want to keep file size to a minimum.  Here is the syntax I am using ...


arcpy.PackageMap_management((mxdPath + "\\" + mpkBaseName + ".mxd",

                                        mpkPath + mpkBaseName + ".mpk",












The only reason we need to revert to a 10.1 map package is due to an Esri bug where they inexplicably decided not to include an MSD file in every map package version other than 10.1.  The DOTNET Runtime API needs that MSD file to do its thing.  So it looks like they're getting me coming and going here.  Is this another bug, intended behavior, or am I missing something?  Any help is appreciated ...