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Best web publishing database

Question asked by on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by kmsagis

I need advice from anyone who has set up a successful workflow for publishing to webapp builder from a publish only environment. Here is my issue.


Our utility department wants to publish a webmap that has many layers and I am trying to establish the best publishing environment for the best map performance. The map I am publishing is for viewing only and will not be edited. 

1. I have successfully mastered publishing to ArcGIS online from my SDE server - however the data is in a database
          that is in state plane, not web Mercator.
2. I have successfully mastered publishing to ArcGIS online from a file geodatabase that sits on the C drive on my
3. Most layers are edited every couple of days, so a cached or tiled map is  out of the question. 

I have done all the scale dependencies and using only ArcGIS online or ESRI optimized symbol but want to take it
to the next step by

1. Setting up a database where all map layers are re- projected into web Mercator so that the web service does not have
      to re-project on the fly. This database will consist of only my published map layers instead of my entire LGIM
2.  Have that geodatabase be a file geodatabase on my server's C drive so that I am not having to hit the SQL server
      the is continually being asked for queries by the daily editors.

So my questions are as follows.
1. Is it possible to synchronize these map service layers down from SDE to the file gdb on a weekly basis to that the data in the webmap reflects data that is not too stale. I am assuming setting up data replication will work?

2. Will the map service published from the file geodatabase reflect regular changes (updated attributes and additional
    points and lines, but not changes in schema) without my mapservice having to be refreshed or restarted.

3. Is there any other performance measure I can take that has not been mentioned?

Thanks in your patience in reading all this.