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Mouse misaligned in ArcGIS API for JS

Question asked by tj.rockefeller on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by tj.rockefeller

I'm running a map using the ArcGIS API for Javascript version 4.0, and it seems like the mouse is somehow misaligned with the map. Below is a screenshot where I clicked on the blue dot which is a point feature, and it popped up the white box well off of that point.


I also feel like this is affecting zooming as well. When you scroll it is supposed to zoom in on your mouse, but in our situation it seems to be zooming in somewhere other than the mouse location.


The map is inside of a window that was made with JQuery UI that is draggable and resizable. If I resize the window to the full size of the browser window, then things seem to line up. Has anyone else run into this problem and have a fix for this?