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Popups out of sync when FCs added to map

Question asked by Tycho on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by Tycho

I need to add a layer to a map I have already created. The map is hosted on AGOL (and turned into a web app) consuming a service from my in-house installation of ARCServer. This is all on version 10.3.1, all data is from File Geodatabases.


When I insert a layer on the existing MXD and overwrite the Service the pop-ups in the web map/app are all shifted down one for all layers below it. (So if you click on, for instance, Zoning , the pop-up will display information from Overlay Zone (which is one layer below it in the table of contents). The data above the newly inserted layer displays correctly.

Most of my maps are (and will continue to be) living documents with data added and subtracted as requested. I can’t be rebuilding them every time someone requests a minor change. I'm hoping I'm doing something wrong and this is not a *feature* of web maps.