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Doubt about EsriRuntimeQt::GPMultiValue

Question asked by ecil123 on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by LDanzinger-esristaff

I created a gpk which packages tool Mosaic to New Raster.


The tool Mosaic to New Raster takes input

1. list of raster datasets

2. Path of the folder in which raster dataset is created

3. Name of the raster dataset


When this gpk is used in ArcGIS Runtime Qt, We need to give input as GPParameter


For list of raster datasets I need to use EsriRuntime::GPMultiValue. How to use this in my Qt Application?


I used as follows


1)EsriRuntimeQt::GPMultiValue <EsriRuntimeQt::GPRasterDataLayer *  > *gpMV = new EsriRuntimeQt::GPMultiValue<EsriRuntimeQt::GPRasterDataLayer *>("ir");

2)EsriRuntimeQt::GPRasterDataLayer*  ftiff = new EsriRuntimeQt::GPRasterDataLayer();




I got the following error

/home/sau/qtsamples/samples/Los/Los.cpp:570: error: undefined reference to `EsriRuntimeQt::GPMultiValue<EsriRuntimeQt::GPRasterDataLayer*>::GPMultiValue(QString const&, QObject*)'

/home/sau/qtsamples/samples/Los/Los.cpp:594: error: undefined reference to `EsriRuntimeQt::GPMultiValue<EsriRuntimeQt::GPRasterDataLayer*>::addValue(EsriRuntimeQt::GPRasterDataLayer* const&)'