Parcel Fabric Adjustment (LSA)

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We have been in the parcel fabric for a couple years and all is well Our data was computed when brought in to the fabric. We're now heading into our next phase of doing adjustments however we know we can't do adjustments on computed data. The plan is to get parcels updated with record data and start doing adjustments. We have great control in most areas.

I'm getting started now and have my test area. I've added the record data and accuracy to everything I can in my test area. After that I did an adjustment to approx. 285 Lots & Units, 192 Tax Parcels, 25 Subdivisions and 2 Encumbrances....and it failed miserably. I reviewed the log, fixed the points then tried to fix the lines that were bombing out (the ones that had the double pound sign which I read is a fatal error, guaranteed to fail the adjustment). The only thing I knew to do to keep these lines from creating the fatal error, was to change their accuracy to a 7 - a non participant in the adjustment. This is not ideal but for now, and to get a successful adjustment, it seemed the right thing to do. Still my adjustment fails. My next step was to focus on a smaller area. This next adjustment is approx. 39 Lots & Units, 20 Tax Parcels and 3 Subdivisions. I had a couple fatal errors that were easy to identify (and taught me a little more about line types - Precise Connect vs Orig Connect vs Connection lines). I fixed those lines and adjusted again. Now the adjustment is taking over an hour and it looks like every single line was the double pound sign fatal error.


I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm looking for any tips and tricks. I've read the best practices and ideas for data that is poor quality. It suggests starting with some new parcel data then adjust around the new parcel(s) however we want to bring our poor data up to good data then be able to adjust from there. That seems like a reasonable plan.

Some of what I'd like to discuss include:

How important are the attributes of the lines, as in the Computed field? If I've changed the line to reflect the record, do I have to go back to every line and change to 'Computed = No'?

Does the line type have to match the poly type? We've been guilty of creating a TaxParcel and "oops! that should have been a Lot not a TaxParcel" and we've only changed the attributes of the poly. Is that a big no-no??

I also notice that 'ParcelType' field in our Line table has Nulls, '0' and '-1' (<--that doesn't seem right).


This is enough to get the conversation started and hopefully answer some questions. Please let me know how it's going for anyone who is having success and your best advice


Thanks much!