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Error 1325. EsriPyFldr is not a valid short file name.

Question asked by pan_gis on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by sdupd

I installed "data interoperability" The extension was already licensed but not installed.


After the installation I saw a difference in the behaviour of ArcMap. The sf did not start (in task manager: not responding).

Anyway I could open a session after many tries.


That was the only session I could open.

(ArcCatalog, Arcgis admin and License manager (arcgis is licensed as single use but LSM holds other concurrent licenses) and PRO gave me the same problem).


Didn't know what to do and I unistalled interoperability as I thought that that was the problem. Still they don't open.


I ve tried to repair arcgis but I get this error


I might have messed up the python folder.


Cannot understand where the problem can be.

Does anyone have a hint?