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Pointfile fails to draw upon map export when symbolized as pie charts

Question asked by RewildTheWorld on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by RewildTheWorld

This question was brought up last month and there hasn't been a fix reported yet. I replied to that thread with hopes of a solution but nothing yet. Trying my luck as a fresh post.


The issue:

I have a pointfile I wish to display as pie charts. When I try to export the map (A single polygon shapefile and the pointfile), image file is correct, i.e., all data points/pie charts write to the image file. But when I add multiple shapefiles (a continent border, country borders, and a third polygon layer) converting the map drops pie charts above two unique values. I've been able to determine the problem is linked to the placement of layers. If I place the pie charts below a hollow polygon layer, and proceed to export the image, the export process fails to draw polygons with >3 values. I want to display a hollow borders layer on top of the pie charts. Converting features to graphics places pie charts on top of political boundaries.


My temporary and insufficient rescue:

Screenshot the image, paste into Paint. Edit out the dotted guide lines, select desired whitespace around map and export as PNG. This is not a fix.