hillshade with function does not export correctly?

Discussion created by dnc on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

So I've made a very good looking hillshade using a raster function like explained here:

Hillshade function—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop


I just used the defaults: Azimuth=315, Altitude=45.

But used a Z factor = 5.

The result in arcmap is very nice:


So now I'm trying to get this to a file... everything I tried does not replicate the same visual output. Anyone knows how to get this function result to a file (not a lyr, but a raster)?


First attempt: Data Export, like it says in the Help. This is the result:

As you can see there's plenty more "noise"...


Second attempt: run Spatial Analyst Hillshade tool with the same arguments... I get the same noisy result:

... geonet applies some kind of aliasing to the images posted. In my arcmap these images are even more grained.


So, the question is: how to save to disk a hillshade raster function that really reproduces what you see on screen?