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WAB 1.3 Issues-LocalLayer and LayerList

Question asked by ericv on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by ericv

I am relatively new to WAB.  I have had a couple issues that I worked through with the help of several from the GeoNet community.  My latest issue is (again) the LocalLayer widget and how things show up (or not) in the LayerList.

I have made the proper changes to the LocalLayer widget (mentioned in this thread: Group layers using layerlist widget  )   I "had" the app working properly.  When I most recently when in, I am now seeing only part of my map layers/services listed in the LayerList even though when I edit the LocalLayer widget settings, the map services show in the configuration.

One thing I have noticed in the configs file for the widget - after I added some layers, there were many layer id's listed in the "hidelayers" portion.  It looks like the id's correspond to layers that are turned off in the map service.

Anyone have ideas on how these items could have disappeared?

Thanks for your time.

Eric V

Gurnee, IL