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eDraw widget

Question asked by cornet.magis on Feb 24, 2015
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Ehanced draw widget for WebApp Builder for Arcgis


UPDATE 2018/05/09 (new Release v2.8.1) :

  • refactoring
  • use esri/geometry/projection (available since esri js api 3.24) instead of proj4js (external libs)
  • systematic use of geometry engine (no more mercator utils, geometry server...)
  • for polyline, the user can now add an arrow (available since esri js api 3.23)
  • live measure while drawing
  • WARNING : this release needs Esri API >= 3.24

Release 2.8.1 on Github 

(Direct zip link : )

Demo : 



Github  :


Wigdet's Features (improvments of standard Draw widget) :

  • add name and description fields on drawings
  • enable infowindow on drawings (selection)
  • on text drawing, no insert if no name.
  • on modification : enable geometry update (with snapping if wanted : CTRL) and preview symbology changes on the fly
  • list
    • add list of all drawings
    • actions on each drawing : modify / delete / [up / down] / zoom
    • all drawings : zoom, copy, delete, export
    • on drawing infowindow -> select drawing in list
    • on zoom on a drawing -> select drawing on map (and show infoWindow)
    • re-order graphics with drag&drop
  • import/export : allow users to export or import drawings (json format)
    • import can be done with file drag&drop in import popup
  • localStorage
    • dynamic saving on each drawing add/delete/update
    • on widget load : load drawings saved in local Storage
  • draws plus (initially from Larry Stout
    • preview under mouse when adding text or point
    • for text, add font choice, font angle, bold, italic, placement and underline options.
    • add arrow menu for polyline
  • checkbox to hide drawing's layer (and therefore widget UI)
  • add of Nautical unit
  • measure's for points/polylines/polygons with automatic update on element's update (or delete). Measure's can be indidualy disabled/enabled on any graphic.
  • "On the fly" measure when drawing
  • defaults symbols can be specified in config's file
  • use of builtin projection engine (available since esri js api 3.24) instead of proj4js library



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