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Table View input to Geocode Address tool Issue

Question asked by stuartpersyn on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by stuartpersyn

I've build this model to query from my database (which succeeds), then geocode the addresses with the input from my query (which fails).  The error is shown below.  It couldn't open the address table, so used 'Add to Display', exported the data, added it to the model, and it ran fine.


So my question is, why does the geocode addresses tool not work with the table view (FC) from my make query Layer?






Executing (Make Query Layer): MakeQueryLayer "Database Connections\Connection to DataWarehouse.sde" …..

Start Time: Wed Oct 28 11:45:00 2015

Succeeded at Wed Oct 28 11:45:00 2015 (Elapsed Time: 0.06 seconds)


Executing Geocode Addresses...

ERROR 000006: Could not open the address table.

Failed to execute (Geocode Addresses).

Failed at Wed Oct 28 11:45:01 2015 (Elapsed Time: 1.07 seconds)