Arc 10.2.2 crashes when loading basemaps

Discussion created by gdurkee on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by mijdavis

Hi: I'm installing a student licensed version of ArcMap 10.2.2 for one of my GIS students on a Dell Studio (2GHz; 2GB RAM) running recently installed Windows 10. When I started testing to see if it worked OK, it would instantly crash when I went to load either an online Basemap or just clicking on the folder that has my digital USGS quads (TIF).


Older threads on these forums suggested unchecking hardware acceleration, but it wasn't checked. It was a brand new install, so there was no configuration settings I'd changed. I changed the graphics driver (rolled it back one version, as it turned out). Strangely, when I moved the Map folder directly onto the C drive (from. GIS_Data\Base_Data\maps) it worked fine though the behavior is intermittent, so maybe that's not diagnostic. However, it still crashes most of the time when I click on that folder within GIS_Data. It also crashes almost all the time when I load an online basemap, no matter which one I choose.When it crashes, there's no warning message, it just closes instantly. It'll happen in both Data view and Layout view. The crashes have not, apparently, generated an ErrorReport log.


However, when I created a connection directly to the Arc GIS map server, I can load any of the basemaps from there without crashing.