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Legend does not show full color ramp

Question asked by jon.morris on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by jon.morris

I'm trying to add a legend to my web map and it's proving very difficult. I've managed to get a legend to show up, but for some reason, it is split into three sections, and as Arcmap only labels high and low, the middle section is missing.


So, above we can see the properties of one of the raster layers in Arcmap. By default, only the high and low labels are populated, but I manually added a medium label and the TOC looked like the image at bottom left.


After publishing the GP service to my server, the REST services directory (http://myserver:6080/arcgis/rest/services/LFP/lfp01Setup/MapServer/legend) looks like the bottom middle image - the medium value is still there.


However, when I run a job using the javascript API and add a result map and legend to my web page, the medium value has gone. It looks like the high and low values have been recalculated too, so I guess the whole raster stretch has been recreated from scratch.


So, how do I get my result map to show the full color ramp?


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This has been logged as two bugs, see for more details:

BUG-000092784 : Running a Geoprocessing service at Rest endpoint and publishing the result as a map service causes the Legend color ramp values to change.


BUG-000092783 : Running a Geoprocessing service using the javascript API and adding the result map and legend to the application causes the medium value of the legend to disappear.