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How to assign height attribute to each grid in the grid mesh?

Question asked by tjiang03 on Oct 12, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2015 by MicahShane

Hi guys,

These days I have been working on a shapefile which is imported from the ArcGIS (the shapefile is attached below), In the shapefile the whole building is divided into many grids and each grid contain a specific height attribute with it when imported to the CityEngine. As I want to setup a building model according with the geometry grids and its height attribute, so is there any efficient way for me to read each grid height in the CGA rule and assign the specific height for each grid in the building model?



You can see the whole building footprint is divided into a grid mesh, each grid has its own height attribute. How can I assign the different height to different grid for this geometry in CGA rule or through other kind of method?


For the selected mesh grid, the MEAN_Z is 8.931966 which is shown in the Object Attributes. Each grid contain this kind of height attribute when it was imported to the CityEngine from ArcGIS.


I'm real confused about this problem. Looking forward for your reply.

Thank you for your help!