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Which datum transformation to use for State Plane, NAD83

Question asked by bealigo on Sep 29, 2015
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Hello all,


I have read a lot of articles about datum transformations and am still confused about something.

I have GIS data that is in State Plane (Texas S. Central).  I believe it uses the NAD83 datum.  This is where my question comes in.  Am I right in assuming that this is the Vanilla NAD83?


Now, I have collected GPS data that has been corrected against a TxDOT station, and therefore I assume that the corrected data is in ITRF00.  Up until now, I have used the WGS84 (ITRF00) to NAD83_5 transformation for adding my GPS data to ArcMap because that is the latest transformation.  However, since my data frame uses NAD83 (Vanilla, I think), then shouldn't I use the WGS84 (ITRF00) to NAD83_1 transformation, which is an earlier transformation with no shift?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.