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Does my company need Desktop Basic, Standard or Advanced?

Question asked by Roboman0516 on Sep 2, 2015
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Hello all,

I am currently doing some consulting work for a petroleum company as a geotech. They know that I took arcgis classes in college and assume that i know everything about the software, which I do not. They want to start using Arcgis to make maps with wells (points) and pipelines (lines). I looked through a sheet explaining the difference between the three versions of Arcgis desktop, I really do not think that the company will need advanced because from what I understand the main difference is that advanced has coverage geoprocessing which I do not think will be needed. Besides making basic maps they want to be able to do coordinate transformations from NAD 27 to WGS 84. I think that would be possible in the basic version but I am not positive. If anyone can provide me with some insight on the topic or give examples of what other oil and gas companies use the software for I would really appreciate it!